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Central Europe - a cycling paradise ready for your ride

Why to bike in Central Europe?

  • Want to see forests, meadows, fishponds, rocks, vineyards, castle ruins and chateau parks in one day? An easy ride in here.
  • Ever growing network of dedicated bike paths and paved backroads with little traffic. Be safe riding up and down the countryside.
  • Immense density of sights, historical monuments and natural beauties. There is much to do and see for lovers of history or nature.
  • Short riding distances to the nearest pub or café. You can try out great local dishes or drinks anywhere you go here.
  • Easy access from all around the world. We are connected by fast comfortable trains with international airports in Prague and Vienna.
  • Bike-friendly atmosphere. Drivers are used to cyclists here. Accommodation, infrastructure and other services are made to fit bikers.

Where to cycle on our bikes?

The biking heart of Central Europe is just where Topbicycle shop is located, in Mikulov, a historical town in the south-east of the Czech Republic.
Its position at an international bike routes intersection as well as proximity to protected landscape areas and historical sights gives you a broad range of options no matter if you plan to take a one-day round trip or set off for a two-week tour.


Short trips near Mikulov


UNESCO Site Lednice-Valtice AreaPalava Hills Protected Landscape Area

UNESCO Site Lednice-Valtice AreaPalava Hills Protected Landscape Area


The historic town of MikulovNove Mlyny Water Reservoirs

Mikulov CastleNove Mlyny Water Reservoirs


Regional trips


Moravian Wine TrailsWeinviertel Austrian Wine District

Moravian Wine TrailsAustrian Wine Cellars at Galgenberg Hill


Long-distance tours


Vienna-Prague Greenways TrailEuroVelo 13 Iron Curtain Trail

Greenways Trail in Rennaissance Slavonice townIron Curtain Trail in Cizov


EuroVelo 9 Amber Trail (Baltic-Adriatic)Danube River Trail

Amber Trail at Plumlov CastleDanube River Valley