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Schwalbe Bicycle Tires

Flat-less Schwalbe Tires on Topbicycle rental bikes

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Puncture Protection

Puncture-free ride in Central Europe

As we believe that a puncture-free ride shall be a pleasure to experience anytime you go biking, we have equipped our hybrids, e-bikes, tandems and road bikes with flat-less Schwalbe tires. They provide the best puncture protection thanks to a 5 mm thick protective layer which can prevent broken glass or even pins from stopping you. To check their resistance watch the Schwalbe Marathon Plus Test (YouTube Video).


Schwalbe Marathon Plus

Easy rolling tires with top puncture prevention will make your ride fast and effortless. Our hybrids TREK FX 3 equipped with these tires are perfect touring bikes no matter what the route profile is.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus TireSchwalbe Puncture Protection Level 7

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour

Durable trekking tires combine perfect puncture prevention with balanced road and off-road grip allowing you to take any path paved or unpaved. Our hybrids SCOTT Sportster 40 and TREK 7300, E-bikes and Tandem Bikes equipped with these tires have become versatile and reliable bikes no matter what the route surface is.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour TireSchwalbe Puncture Protection Level 7

Schwalbe Durano Double Defence

These durable road bike tires combine high puncture protection with strong sidewalls. Our road bikes TREK Domane and TREK Silque fitted with them are thus safe and reliable no matter what the road quality is.

Schwalbe Durano DDSchwalbe Puncture Protection Level 6