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Bikes for Rent in Central Europe

Hybrid bikes

A hybrid bike is the ideal option for riding in Central Europe interwoven with asphalt backroads, field and forest trails. All our hybrids are equipped with flat-less Schwalbe tires to provide the best puncture protection possible, so it is you who determines the route.
We offer three types of hybrids which differ in weight, suspension, tires width and rental price. All hybrids are available in the complete size range.
TREK FX 3 and TREK FX 3 Women's (in WSD Women Specific Design) are our most requested bikes, combining benefits of hybrids and road bikes. 3 kg lighter than other hybrids and equipped with 27 gears, they are perfect for hilly terrain. Their carbon fork, flat handlebars with shock-absorbing IsoZone grips and easy rolling 700x32 Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires allow for a smooth ride on roads with any kind of surface.
SCOTT Sportster 40 and SCOTT Sportster 40 Lady (with low standover height of its step-through frame) are sturdy hybrids with disc brakes and front suspension for riding both paved and unpaved trails. Their 700x35 Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour tires provide a good grip no matter what the route surface is like. Their higher weight is balanced with a reinforced frame and comfortable geometry for more upright riding position.
TREK 7300 and TREK 7300 Women's (with a step-through frame) are hybrids with front suspension, 700x35 Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour tires and V-brakes. These bikes are available even for very large groups and in the widest size range to fit you no matter what your height is.

Lightweight Hybrid Bikes 20 EUR / day

Hybrid Bike TREK FX 3Hybrid Bike TREK FX 3 Women's
See details TREK FX 3TREK FX 3 Women's

Hybrid Bikes 12 EUR / day

Hybrid Bike SCOTT Sportster 40Hybrid Bike SCOTT Sportster 40 Lady
See details SCOTT Sportster 40 SCOTT Sportster 40 Lady
Hybrid Bike TREK 7300Hybrid Bike TREK 7300 Women's
See details TREK 7300 TREK 7300 Women's

Road Bikes

In the Czech Republic and Austria, there is a dense network of low-traffic paved roads and dedicated asphalt bike paths.
With our road bikes you can keep speedy pace to cover long distances or simply enjoy a relaxing ride and spend more time sightseeing.
We can offer you a complete size range of full carbon-fibre bikes and also alloy-frame bikes in the most frequent sizes.
TREK Domane S 5 and TREK Silque S 5 (women's version of Domane) are performance racing bikes with a carbon-fibre frame equipped with Shimano 105 groupset. Their 700x25 Schwalbe Durano Double Defence tires allow for taking any road, IsoSpeed seat tube decoupler reduces vibration and brings additional comfort even to a long ride.
TREK 1500 and SCOTT Speedster are traditional fast and responsive road bikes with an alloy frame, a carbon fork and 700x23 tires.
SCOTT Contessa Speedster is a women's alu road bike with a triple crankset to make climbing any hills really easy.

Carbon Road Bikes 32 EUR / day

Carbon Road Bike TREK Domane S 5Carbon Road Bike TREK Silque S 5
See details TREK Domane S 5 TREK Silque S 5

Alu Road Bikes 20 EUR / day

Road Bike TREK 1500Road Bike SCOTT Speedster
See details TREK 1500 SCOTT Speedster / SCOTT Contessa Speedster

E-bikes 32 EUR / day

You don't have to be a sportsperson to take a bike ride in Central Europe. If you wish to go beyond lowlands or river valleys, an e-bike can give you extra energy to climb up, if your destinations seem to be too far, our e-bikes are ready to assist you in reaching them.
All of our e-bikes are hybrids featuring front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and Schwalbe tires for any trail surface.
SCOTT E Sub and SCOTT E Sub Lady are e-powered by Bosch drive system supplied with a 400 or 500 Wh battery.
LEADER FOX Bend and LEADER FOX Bend Lady are Czech-made e-bikes available also in small sizes. They have a 500 or 576 Wh battery.

E-bike SCOTT E SubE-bike SCOTT E Sub Lady
See details SCOTT E Sub SCOTT E Sub Lady
E-bike LEADER FOX BendE-bike LEADER FOX Bend Lady
See details LEADER FOX BendLEADER FOX Bend Lady

Tandem Bikes 28 EUR / day

Two is better than one! The very fact of sharing time together in this way and the coordination required to ride a tandem can add an extra dimension to a tour by bringing a couple or friends closer together.
TREK 900 Tandem will allow you to cycle longer distances than you would if you were riding solo. Flat-free Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour tires and a sturdy frame would bear it.

Tandem Bike TREK 900
See details TREK 900 Tandem

Kids Bikes 12 EUR / day

Calm backroads, dedicated bike paths and countless field and forest trails in Central Europe are great for family cycling vacations. We have four types of bikes ready for your kids to join the ride depending on their age and height.
TREK Precaliber 24", LEADER FOX 24" and LEADER FOX 24" Girl are bikes for kids 125 to 145 cm tall, smaller kids can ride a 20"-wheel bike LEADER FOX Jumper 20" which can be attached to an adult's bike by the Trail-Gator Bicycle Tow Bar.

Kids Bike TREK Precaliber 24"Kids Bike LEADER FOX 24"Kids Bike LEADER FOX 24" GirlKids Bike LEADER FOX Jumper 20"
See details TREK Precaliber 24"LEADER FOX 24"LEADER FOX 24" GirlLEADER FOX Jumper 20"

Kids Trailer 16 EUR / day

Are your kids too small to pedal? There is no reason why to avoid touring with them.
Our top level child trailer BURLEY D'Lite can carry 2 children (up to 45 kg weight combined) and its adjustable suspension maximizes the riding comfort on longer rides. We also rent rear baby seats for 8 EUR / day.

Kids Trailer Burley D'Lite
See details BURLEY D'Lite