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Weinviertel - Austrian Wine District

Weinviertel Wine District


Weinviertel is the largest Austrian wine region spread between the Czech-Austrian border and Vienna in the north-east of Austria. The patchwork of fields, woods and vineyards with cosy villages is interwoven with quality asphalt backroads and unpaved bike paths. The most significant landmarks are Galgenberg Hill near the Czech border, encircled with almost 200 wine cellars, and Falkenstein castle ruins just 15 kilometers south of Mikulov.

In the part of Weinviertel adjacent to the Czech border you can follow EuroVelo 13 Iron Curtain Trail taking you e.g. to Galgenberg Hill. To get through the region down to Vienna you can follow Amber Trail EuroVelo 9. Apart from these international bike routes, you can also take the Austrian trail Kamp-Thaya-March Radroute, or numerous regional loop routes named after the local wine varieties, such as Veltliner Radtour via Falkenstein and Galgenberg, or more southern Sylvaner Radtour.

You can drop-off the rented bikes with 50% off the return fee in Vienna.