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Moravian Wine Trails

Moravian wine cellars in Vrbice


Moravian Wine Trails is a dense network of more than 1200 km bike routes connecting wine regions in the south-east of the Czech Republic. This area is full of vineyards, orchards, gardens, woods and fields dotted with villages and omnipresent wine cellars. Numerous protected landscape areas and historic monuments including unique village architecture call for an enjoyable and relaxed ride.

There are ten regional loop routes of varied difficulty and distance for bikers of any level, most of them following unpaved field trails and calm asphalt backroads. All the trails are connected by central Moravian Wine Trail streched over 310 km from the East to the West. They are great for a one-day ride in the particular wine district as well as a two-week cycling vacation touring all of them and enjoying the wine varieties offered in countless wine cellars.

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