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EuroVelo 9 Amber Trail (Baltic-Adriatic)

Moravian Karst


The Amber Trail follows the historic route by which amber used to be transferred from the Baltic region to the Adriatic Sea. In the Czech Republic it connects the North bordering with Poland and the South bordering with Austria. A unique stop on the route is the Moravian Karst, a limestone area full of caves and deep valleys. It is also a great way how to reach the cities of Brno or Olomouc, both UNESCO enlisted sites.

This trail leads through varied landscape following backroads, dedicated bike paths or field and forest trails. In our region the Amber Trail is parallel with Greenways Krakow-Moravia-Vienna Trail. Both of them meet Vienna-Prague Greenways Trail and the Iron Curtain Trail right in Mikulov, which makes this town an ideal place to start, finish or continue your tour further in any direction.

You can drop-off the rented bikes with 50% off the return fee in Brno or Vienna.

Our self-guided or guided bike tour Amber Trail Vienna-Krakow follows much of this route either.

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